Déjà Rêvé the Yellow Flowers

I remember a while back having a dream that was what the French call Déjà Rêvé, “Already dreamed.” I dreamt I was walking through the back yard of a woman's house. She appeared to be a sorceress of some kind. She was youthful with flowing long brown hair and dressed in a summer dress. I was lucid in this dream, but I was not concerned about controlling my dreams this time. I was curious to see where this dream would lead me. I asked the woman if she could show me real magic. She smiled at me and told me to follow her into her house. When we got inside the house, she picked up a pot of yellow flowers off a shelf and told me to follow her back outside to the back yard. We walked over to a pit of fire and she threw the pot of yellow flowers into the fire. They instantly went up in flames and disintegrated into smoke and ash. Out of the ashes emerged a skeleton in a long cloak. I was a little frightened of this cloaked skeleton and backed away. I was not exactly sure what the woman was trying to show me magically. At the time I worked as an overnight worker in a convenience store and later that night when I went to work, I was surprised to discovered a pot of yellow flowers someone had left on the shelf of the health and beauty section of the store I worked at. The dream I had of the yellow flowers immediately surfaced in my mind and I thought for a moment, “Am I experiencing real magic from the dream state?” The feeling of Déjà Rêvé stayed with me all throughout the night. I decided to leave the yellow flowers on the shelf so I could enjoy them all night. When I arrived home in the morning, I went on a social media sight and the first meme that showed up in my news feed said, “Have you ever had a dream and ran into exactly what you dreamed?” The next night at work the yellow flowers were still sitting on the shelf and I decided to purchase them and plant them in my backyard.

Does anyone else see things in their dreams and then see the exact same thing in real life? I would love to hear your dreams and stories! Please share your dreams and stories in the comment box below. 


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