Romance in the Department Store

I dreamt I was in a fancy department store with my sister. We decided after we were done looking around we go to dinner with my uncle and grandmother. The department store was absolutely beautiful. It had very beautifully jewelry and cooking supplies. Some of the cooking supplies were very expensive and I longed to be able to afford them. A guy came along and was talking to my sister about how he used one of the heavier kitchen items for exercising his legs. I thought it was strange and I told him that I just use ankle weights. Then I noticed that all I had around my body was a towel. I didn't know how I ended up wearing only a towel. I was quit embarrassed. Although it covered me I was afraid to go up the staircase to the jewelry section, fearing the people behind me would see my bottom. I went up the staircase quickly to the second floor and started looking around at all the beautiful jewelry. I was very excited to pick a new pair of earrings. I also noticed two young men following me and my sister. They were flirting with us and I was a little taken back and embarrassed because of the towel I was wearing. One of the men was trying to hold my hand and put his arms around me. My sister suggested we all go to dinner together. I wasn't sure this was a good idea, but I agreed to do it. While I was shopping around the young man offered to buy me jewelry. I was very flattered. Meanwhile, my sister had picked out a table adjacent to the jewelry store and started putting flower petals on the table. I thought it looked very romantic and intoxicating. When I was done looking at the jewelry I joined her and the two men in the waiting room. My grandmother and uncle joined shortly after. I noticed that the waitress had cleared off the flower petals that my sister had put out. I was a bit disappointed and offered to go get more flower petals and redo the table. I liked how the petals made the atmosphere look and feel. I felt a little weird grabbing flowers for this since the flowers were in a bouquet and were for sale. I went ahead and grabbed the flower petals anyway. I came back and spread the petals all over the table. Then my alarm went off.


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