Being Chased

Have you ever had dreams of being chased? Of being pursued by an unknown dream character that you feel has unfavorable intentions and you frantically run, hide, or maybe even fight off your pursuer? These dreams can be very anxiety provoking, leaving us waking up feeling exhausted and lost. The other night I had a dream that I was at the mall shopping with my sister. As we were walking along we noticed there was a man following us. We didn’t know what he wanted, but it left us feeling uneasy. I told my sister that we had better leave because the mall was closing and we needed to get through the door so we could make it to the other side of the mall where our car was parked. I left ahead of my sister and asked the employees if we could get through, but by the time my sister had caught up to me the employees had locked the doors. This left us having to leave out of the front door and walk around the building. Although we didn’t see the man again it was a scary walk around the building until we finally made it to the car. I woke up wondering why we are sometimes pursued in our dreams? Is it our flight or fight response kicking in to alert us to our daily stresses and anxieties? I would love to here about your chase dreams and your thoughts on what they mean.


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