Lost Cars and Other Lost Items

Ever have dream where you are looking for something? You know exactly where you put it, but when you go to retrieve the item it’s not where you left it. No matter how hard you search for it you can’t seem to find where it went to. I frequently have dreams where I cannot find my car. Seems to be a reoccurring theme every time I either need to get away from a situation or when I have a deadline to meet and need to be somewhere. Last night I had a dream that I was at a person’s house playing with their kid. I was making a bird out of paper for the child and when I was finished it came to life. Just as soon as it came to life it transformed into a cat. Shortly after I realized that I had to get to work and proceeded to say good bye. When I walked out to the parking lot I could not find my car. I knew where I had left it, but it was not there. I walked back and forth through the parking lot over and over again. Soon the dream landscape turned into endless doors that kept leading to other room with more doors. I realized that I was never going to make it on time to work. I woke up feeling frustrated.


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