Failing, Falling Behind

Have you ever had those dreams were no matter how hard you tried you constantly found yourself failing at something, falling behind, never catching back up, feeling out of place? I have a recurring dream where I am back in school and failing all my classes because I am really far behind. I don’t know why I am so far behind or even what the subject is all about. Last night I had another one of these dreams. I was in school and realized I was so far behind tat there was no way I could catch up. I wanted to just leave and be done with my situation, but I decided to go to class anyway. I couldn’t remember where my class room was or my password to log on to the school system to find out what classes I was taking or the room numbers. I asked the librarian for help, but every time I tried to log on the letters I typed in weren’t the ones I intended to type. After a few attempts I felt the need to go to the locker room and take a shower knowing that if I didn’t hurry I may not have the time to find my class on time. I walked down the stairs to the locker room only to find it was the men’s locker room. When I opened the door a man with a pig mask was standing there. When I turned back around the staircase had disappeared and all that was left was several doors. I was feeling very trapped and discouraged at this point. The man in the pig masked reappeared and told me to go through one of the doors and it would lead to the staircase back up to school. I woke up after that feeling frustrated.


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