Falling Asleep Consciously

I had amazing lucid dreams this morning. I had woken up early in the morning and kept myself from moving. I focused on the dream images that started forming and I re-entered a dream right from the waking state. It felt amazing! To keep my self in the dream I focused on tactile sensations. I always find it helpful to focus on touching different things in my dream or focus on running. Recently I had to put down one of my cats, Nora Belle, that had cancer. In the dream I thought how wonderful it would be to hold her again. As I was thinking about her she appeared in my dream. I reached out and touched her fur. It felt so real and very comforting to feel her fur again. In the dream she told me that she was here with her mom. I hugged her tight and felt my spirit soar as I was holding her before I woke up. Sometimes I wonder when we see loved ones in our dreams if they are just dream characters or real visits from our loved ones who have passed on?


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